You need a license for that

The stupidity continues to astound me!  It seems there is a daily barrage of dumb bombs dropping around us.  The animal activists (yes activists, animals do not have rights) are thrilled with this one.  Even run of the mill, Midwest folks have listened to the sobbing liberals so long, they do not know how to use their own brains.  I offer the following as proof...

John Dollarhite, from Nixa Missouri is in hot water with the Feds.  After starting a little business for his son, he was told he would need a license.  Let me point out, he should have purchased the license.  That is our first lesson today.  Don't do things the Federal Government will be interested in!  After a couple years, John and his son amassed a small fortune.  Figuring their profits and losses, at least $200 was made selling bunny rabbits (yes, 200 dollars. and yes, bunny rabbits).  Lesson 2, bunny rabbits, not a highly lucrative business.

Enter the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  Dollarhite now faces a possible $90,643 fine.  Lesson 3, governments agencies are going through a financial crunch just like the rest of us.  On top of this, he could be fined up to $10,000 for each violation.  Since he had sold 619 animals, it doesn't take much to see how badly this could cut into his profits!

The story in and of itself is pretty far fetched.  Being from the U.S. though, we are used to hearing unbelievable monetary sums from our government.  The real lesson was learned as I read comments people made concerning this story.  Many made jokes.  Some felt John was in the wrong.   One reader of the Springfield Herald asked why none of the comments suggested the law may be unfair, or that PETA may be involved.  This little bit of patriotic logic was immediately slammed by an obvious tree hugger...  "this has nothing to do with PETA. All this man had to do is follow regulations of animal breeding. get a lic, and follow basic animal protection rights. These regulations are in place to protect the animals. Im sure some of you have a problem with that."

Mentally, I take aim with a slingshot at the hornet's nest over my head and let it fly.  Yes, I do have a problem with that!  Protect the animals from what, being eaten?  Basic animal protection rights?  Where is this animal bill of rights people have become so familiar with?  I don't remember it being ratified!   There are laws that say people can't be cruel to animals, nothing saying animals have rights.   Why do we need a license to breed animals?   They seem to do quite well on their own, without government intervention! 

That, my friends is lesson 4.  Just because everybody repeats what they hear, it doesn't make it right.  Before I get the obvious comment, I will throw in one final lesson.  Rabbits can be harvested in the woods (you will need a license for that too)  They breed there without regulations.  They are safe to consume.  Cook your food completely to the recommended temps.  After all, it is your responsibility to feed yourself.


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2 thoughts on “You need a license for that

  1. Why don't we all just stop thinking and let the Gov do the thinking and doing for us .... we are becomming slaves of our masters more and more as time goes on.

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