Droughts are Depressing!

"Where the "heck" have you been?!"  I toned that phrase, which was overused by my Dad, down a few notches!  I will admit it.  I have been missing in action.  When last we spoke, a drought was drying everything up and causing every living thing to go dormant.  I, being a living thing, seemed to suffer the same malady.  When a 6 inch rain sent all plant life into recovery mode, I watched.  Bean pods filled, naked pear trees (with mature pears) sprouted new leaves and bloomed again.  The pastures greened up, but I remained still.  As the unusual Fall maple seeds fell, I watched and contemplated what I should do to break my dormancy.

To be clear, I have been physically active.  It was my web presence that had dried up. After writing drought stories for a few months, I found that I was out of new ways to describe dust.  I was thrilled when the hurricane rains moved through and broke the drought.  For some reason I didn't feel like writing about it.  I looked at some of my previous posts for inspiration, it wasn't there.

What I saw instead was an explanation for my lack of enthusiasm.  My site; posts, podcasts, etc... was mirroring the weather conditions.  The worse things got here on the farm, the more depressing the web site.  In a post in March, I mentioned the grass greening up.  By May I was writing about dust-devils and wondering if my hay would make it.  This spiral continued until I just quit writing about it.  I am quite sure I am not the only farmer who dealt with some depression over the dry summer.  Many farmers sold off their livestock, lost a year's worth of crops, and some completely lost their farms.  With that in mind, we were lucky to weather the storm better than some.

As I write this, I can't quit thinking about that pear tree.  It was covered with blooms in the spring.  By the end of the drought, some pears remained, but all of the leaves had dried up and fallen away.  I had pretty much written the tree off and we wondered if it would come back next Spring.  After the soaking rain I began to notice something unusual.  The pear tree was growing new leaves in September.  Not only did the leaves come back, but the tree was soon covered with blooms!

My disposition has changed as well.  Seeing everything green up before fall colors set in has brought me back to my old self.  I am ready for some fun posts, ready to talk to some folks on Blog Talk Radio, and ready to move into fall.  If you think a little drought is gonna stop us... My pear tree and I have a few things to say about that!

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One thought on “Droughts are Depressing!

  1. Glad to here your in better spirits. The little rain has helped some. The allergy sufferers are in pain. We as a family want to come see you this weekend and work on some deer stands if that's cool. Cant wait to see you guys. My schedule this semester is unreal. I always have you and your wife in my thoughts.

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