The Simplicity Primer

“The Simplicity Primer” is well titled and gives you what you would expect.  Unlike many books, this one offers straight forward advice, not a plan with lists or things to buy.   From the professional cover to the suggested reading at the end, “The Simplicity Primer” is packed full of common sense answers to today's confusing issues.

The author, offers a twist not often found today.  How to go from being a professional in a dizzying setting, to being happy with what one has.  Patrice Lewis has taken the traditional “work hard, get ahead” motto to a new level with her novel approach.   By practicing what she preaches, she proves that happiness with simplicity is not only possible, but preferred.

I found the “The Simplicity Primer” to be interesting and poignant.   These are not new or untested ideas, simply ones we have forgotten.  “Why don't we do this anymore?”, was the question often on my mind as I read this book.  Many of us struggle to attain what others have.  “The Simplicity Primer” addresses an issue that should be considered first.  What do you want from your life.

Available June 7th.  Preorder now.

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