The Forgotten Feast

How did people live before convenience stores, drive-thru menus, and pre-packaged food?  Quite well actually.  You didn't think food always came in a box did you?  Before the days of additives, colorings, and corn syrup debates, the human race thrived.  Food was hunted.  Food was gathered.  Food was relished as a resource that only one's abilities could produce.  Is it possible to subsist today by these methods?  According to Hank Shaw, the answer is... Yes.

The Salt Creek Blog Talk Radio Show is back for another year.  The first show of 2012 focuses on one of my favorite subjects... food!  As if food were not a great enough subject, we will be discussing wild food.  Call in live and on the air with suggestions, recipes or questions.  Hank Shaw is an expert at transforming natural and native foods into culinary delights. 

Hank is the author of "Hunt, Gather, Cook: Finding the Forgotten Feast".  He states, "My hope is that the book will help open the world of foraging, hunting and fishing to those interested in food, but who may have never hunted mushrooms or picked up a gun or cast a rod and reel before."

We want to enjoy our food.  Can a diet of foraged grub, wild game, and plants be appetizing?  This time I will answer... Yes!  You will agree after a quick look at Hank's blog "Hunter Angler Gardener Cook" .  The recipes found here are definitely not dried deer on a stick.  You will find an awesome array of tasty foods, from Pheasant Piccata with capers and lemon, to vegetarian fare like Sicilian Sun-Dried Zucchini, sauteed with mint and chile.

Hank has written articles for Field And Stream, Food & Wine,  and other publications.   His blog has received accolades and awards including The Bert Greene Award as Best Food Blog from the International Association of Culinary Professionals.

Join us as at 7 Central Time on February 12th, when we discuss "The Forgotten Feast".

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2 thoughts on “The Forgotten Feast

  1. How fantastic! I know Hank personally and he is a great resource for all things wild and foraged. I'm constantly amazed at the gourmet meals he creates from his outings.

    • That's great! Listen and call in if you'd like. I am anxious to get some recipe ideas myself. Spread the word!

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