Scout’s Christmas


Hello Folks.  Scout The Wonder Dog here,

How did that happen?

I am in charge of security here on the ranch, and there has been an issue that needs to be addressed.  A few weeks ago, the people I am guarding started acting funny and dragging trees and branches into the house.  I thought that was OK... I like branches.  Then they hung up lights and stockings and other strange things.  It put me on alert.  Something was up!

Soon the house was full of boxes with bright paper around them.  Was I supposed to guard all of those too?  It was a big job for one dog.  To make matters worse, the people in the house kept saying, "Sandy Claws is coming".  I didn't know who this character was, but he wasn't getting in here!  I stepped up my patrols, roaming the house with my ears perked up.

Did you see anything?

Then it happened... someone got in the house!  I never heard a sound, but Christmas Eve somebody sneaked in and left more stuff!  I awoke to find the sock hanging by my kennel full of doggy toys and treats.  I did a quick look around the house.  He had left stuff everywhere!

To make sure there was nothing dangerous, I emptied the stocking, and ripped open some presents.  Hmmm... nothing but toys and treats.  Maybe this "Sandy Claws" guy ain't so bad.  Even if he is a good guy, I don't appreciate his sneaking around.  Thanks for the toys Sandy Claws, but next year you better knock on the door!

More toys!

Seems OK!

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5 thoughts on “Scout’s Christmas

  1. Wow, good job Scout, sleeping through Sandy Claws visit! Your people won't like it if you scare him off before he leaves their loot. Leaving Sandy alone so he can leave the loot usually results in goodies for you, too.

    I was thinking I had the only burnt carmel colored yellow lab. People keep asking me what kind of dog I have, they say it looks like an orange lab. I'm sure glad I have her, she let me know something was outside (by refusing to go out until the middle of the night) and yesterday she showed me the bear tracks in the deep snow. I guess bears like 50 degree December days and nights. A good dog is hard to beat.

    Thanks for the book, it is great to have a good book that everyone, young and old can enjoy! It is a great "cow-mercial" for the beef and dairy industry.

    Keep up the good work, Paul and Scout, I love to read of your life adventures.

    • Glad you like the book. Scout is one of those mixed up doggies as well. Not sure what he is. He is long and tall, about 85 lbs, with a curled tail. Likes - Frisbees, running fast, chasing things out of yard. Dislikes - Unchewed toys, coyotes, anything that sneaks into yard!

  2. Merry Christmas, Scout! You are such a handsome fella - and very photogenic. I hope you and the people you own had a wonderful Christmas, and I'm wishing all of you a fantastic 2012!

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