Scout The Wonder Dog

Scout is a pretty big part of the family here.  Adopted as a puppy from the pound, he turned out to be the most personable dog I have ever had.  Always following, and looking at you wondering what "we" are doing next.  While not a hunting or cattle working dog, he tries to do his part.  What is his part?  Basically, following Honey Bunches and I around trying to find something entertaining to do.  Not a necessary role, but it is one that is greatly appreciated here on the farm.

Scout has long legs and is fast, extremely fast!  He covers ground like a greyhound.  His speed may actually be his weak spot.  He reminds me of myself snow skiing.  I can go fast, but I can't turn!  I know I am pushing the "look at my home video",  boundary here, but Scout The Wonder Dog deserves his little bit of fame.

Let me preface this by saying its hard to go out the door without Scout looking at his frisbee then at me, back and forth, then whining a little.  He loves that dang frisbee.  Feeling sorry for him one windy day, I zinged the frisbee, and the wind immediately took over.  He can usually catch it, but the wind carried it to far.  I liken this little clip to the leopard missing a gazelle in those old nature shows.  Go get it boy!

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4 thoughts on “Scout The Wonder Dog

  1. I love Scout! What a handsome boy. And hey - I have the same table for my laptop, and the pups have the same crate as Scout 🙂

    • Full size enough! He might gain a little weight, but I think he is about as tall as he'll get.

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