Redneck Project 1


Some people proclaim they are rednecks as if they earned a badge for it.  I am a little more reserved.  It's not that I don't have a lot of redneck blood running through my veins.  I just have the unique problem of attending some events where rednecktivity may be frowned upon.  Sure, I could explain the unique "squeeze" method of dressing a mess of wild rabbits, but probably not a good idea to do so while attending one of my wife's college staff receptions.  To make matters worse, I wouldn't even have to explain it at an event.  The mere fact that I can explain it is enough to rattle some folks.  I will keep this on the down low because I am not even sure if it is legal in my state (yet), but I am somewhat a closet redneck!

RedNeck1To satisfy my redneck urges, I have included a few unconventional uses of a common item in this week's podcast.  If you are looking for storage, an enclosed trailer, or even building a chicken coop, you will want to have a listen to the podcast I am calling Redneck Project 1.  If you have been paying attention the last few weeks, you know that I am on the hunt for a big bore lever rifle.  I explain a little about online gun purchasing, and get some input from Firearms Discussion in this week's show.  This podcast has something for the redneck in all of us.  So click on the play button, or you ain't got a hair on your chest!

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    • My parents would have never let me get away with it. After that, the military wouldn't let me get away with it. Somehow I managed to skip the "business in front, party in the back" hairstyle!

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