Please Excuse

Professor Honey Bunches is concerned about missing work.  The recent weather has made travel somewhat difficult.  Please excuse her from all professorial duties for the next few days.  I am not a doctor, but if you will peruse the following videos, I am sure you will agree, a Honda Civic cannot handle the conditions.  As we live 3 miles from the highway, it is simply impossible to make it to work.  Have you considered offering vehicles (Hummers) to your staff?  Until then, please accept our apologies.  Thank you,

Mr. Professor Honey Bunches

[cincopa AwNA3eanVRyX]

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3 thoughts on “Please Excuse

  1. I have not been to class the last three day's. But, by George the MVC campus is open tomorrow. Not only open but I must take an exam in psych class. Our roads look like your's but I will not disappoint. The old 86 chevy will be headed to town full of Freudeian knowlegde.

  2. Poor Honey Bunches! LOL; However we are in the SAME boat! At least we are all safe and sound!

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