New Laws For 2012

Before you stumble out, bleary eyed, into the new year, you may want to check out your state law changes.  It would be bad to get arrested on the first day of the year due to ignorance.  I can't list them all (40,000 new laws) but here are a few that you should keep in mind.

  • Tennessee - Don't shoot occupied houses.  New law increases fines for such things.
  • Nevada - Put down that flaming baton!  If you are a fire performer, you must now register with the state fire marshal.
  • Illinois - Ask for ID.  Animal control centers must look for identifying tags or tattoos before putting animals down.
  • Georgia - Safety First.  Golf carts driven on public streets must have horn, turn signals, reverse warning devices, etc...
  • California - Charge it.  Employers can no longer use credit reports to evaluate new employees.
  • Delaware - Clarification please.  Marriage is now between man and a woman.  Same sex civil unions have same rights and privileges.
  • Alabama - But I play one on TV. New law restricts who can be an expert witness in a major trials.
  • Utah - Go straight home.  No more "Happy Hour"
  • Federal - Heavy Load.  Truckers and bus drivers can be fined $2700 for using hand held cell phones.

It is mind boggling to try to keep up with all of the new legislation.  From child restraint seats to breeding livestock, there's a law for that.  These new laws also test intrastate relations, ie... In California, children here illegally cannot be restricted from any student government office, but if they move to another state employers will be required to check their background and report them.

We are truly a nation of laws.  Too many of them, in my unsolicited opinion.  Some of the local rules in my home state make sense, others do not.  In Natchez Missouri, it is illegal to provide beer or other intoxicants to elephants... good law!  In Kansas City Missouri it is illegal to install a tub with 4 feet resembling animal paws.  In Columbia Missouri you cannot have a clothesline, but you can hang clothes on your fence.  I am glad I am out in the boonies!  Oh well, rules are rules. Check your federal, state, and local law changes before you wind up in any trouble.

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