Huck Finn Rides Again!

It's Here!  It's Here!  My "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" in hardcover, has finally arrived!  This isn't any old Huck Finn story, it is the new robotic edition.  It has been almost a year, January 5th, 2011, to be exact, since I lambasted "New South Publishing" for their proposed changes to Mark Twain's "Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn".  The idea of changing the N-word to slave and changing injuns to indians seemed so ineffectual.  Does the word "slave" invoke less hatred than the N-word, or does it just change Mr. Clemens' work to a racial platform?  Comments and emails flowed in as I was praised and scorned for my position on this book.  I found myself wanting to help correct the problem.

There is this website, Kickstarter, where I often look at ridiculous attempts to raise money for projects.  I get lost in the absurd and daydream that some day I will come up with a project that others will pour their money into.  Enter Diani & Divine.  This duo from California were attempting to raise money for their own edited Huck Finn novel.  Their video and written explanation of the project was so inspiring, I, and 1107 others quickly jumped on-board.  Over $30,000 dollars was raised and the "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Robotic Edition" was underway!

It has taken many long months of waiting, but the finished product is worth it.  In a satirical twist that Twain would have been proud of, Diani and Divine have produced a professional homage of the original work.   The images (and there are a lot) have been masterfully altered to include "Jim the Robot".  Classic literature is once again safe for the masses.  In the words of Diani & Divine, "this bold new edition makes Twain's timeless work accessible to a whole new generation of readers ... without being bogged down by what he wanted to say about racism."

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2 thoughts on “Huck Finn Rides Again!

  1. It hasn't been that long ago that we painted over the Smithsonian mural of the atomic bomb. Japanese tourists were offended, so it was destroyed. What is the sense in writing about your life if people will just change or erase it?

  2. Mark Twain is an American icon and should always be preserved. He wrote such wonderful stories that were based on his life. The genre that he wrote in is full of unique language and should be preserved as history. He is no more a racist or big-get then anyone else, only a satirist of a hard time in US history. His words ring true of his time.

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