hot, Hot, HOT!

On average, I walk between 6 and 10 miles a day.  Honey Bunches often expresses concern for my legs and feet.  This week she found a new product to try.  I wont mention the brand name, but it is supposed to relax and relieve sore, tired feet.  I have to say it works, and getting lotion rubbed on your feet is not a bad thing either!  My feet were cool and relaxed.  I slept great and got up early the next morning to get some farm work done.

The old fence on the back side of the place has been sagging for a while now.  I headed out early to string up 2 new strands of barbed wire the full half mile of the fence.  Just before leaving home, I thought of the tall grass, and sprayed on some tick repellent.  The day heated quickly and as the sweat began to roll, I noticed everything was not well.  My ankles were getting warmer than the rest of me.  After another half an hour passed, warm went to hot, then to extremely hot!  I don't know the chemical formula, but mixing tick repellent with foot lotion and sweat makes for some very un-relaxed feet!

Finally, I could stand no more.  Over the hill I went, heading for the pond.  The cows stared warily as I shucked my boots and socks and stomped into the water.  The water boiled and steam rose past my rolled up jeans as my feet got some relief.  Well, it felt like it anyway!  Actually, the relief was cool and immediate.  The cows continued staring as I took my Tom Sawyer impersonation back to the truck to find some more socks.  I was able to finish my fence patching before making my way back home for a thorough scrub down.

I bet I looked pretty silly squishing my bare-foot toes around in the cool mud.  Once again, I am happy that cows can't talk!

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