History Repeats Itself – Technological Buffoonery

Technology is a cruel mistress.  We want to be up to date, to have the coolest gadgets.  We pay hundreds and thousands of dollars to be on the edge in this new digital world.  Everything is so new and shiny, we sometimes forget where we started.  New apps and programs are designed to give us what we want, and that is often silly!

The good old days where you called your friends are over.  It was replaced by text messages.  This was deemed to be simpler, because now you could use your thumbs to talk.  Soon, keyboards were installed on mobile phones to increase speed at witch you could communicate.  Next came voice commands.  You could tell your phone to text your friends so they could read what you are up to.  Voice recognition  now allows you to talk to your phone and via text translation allows your words to come out as a written message on your friends phone.  Soon you will be able to talk into one phone and your friend will hear your actual voice and be able to talk back.  Amazing!

If you don't think we are going backwards, try this analogy... Let's say there was never any print.  Everything is digital and available on your smart phone or tablet.  For as long as you can remember you could look up everything on your phone.  Don't you think at some point magazines and printers would have developed as the new technology?  Put it in our pocket, no signal needed, no one can see what you are reading, take books to sea!  

We were one of the last communities in my area to get rid of party lines.  The idea was that surely 4 or 5 families wouldn't be on the phone at the same time.  My Grandmother spent many evenings with her hand clasped over the receiver of the phone, while her ears took in all the local gossip.  Since we shared a line with a teenage girl 8 years my elder, I heard things I had never heard before!  I still remember my Dad bellowing, "I have an important call to make, quit breathing at each other and get off the phone"!

My computer is now wirelessly networked to my printer.  My wife's computer is wirelessly connected  through my computer to the router and on to the printer.  Our phones connect wirelessly to the pc's.  My wife's tablet is linked via bluetooth.  It takes 2 days to figure out why the printer won't work, but at least there are no wires!

Skype has taken over as the "go to" for free calling.  You can now make calls that didn't cost you anything for free via Skype.  Don't get me wrong, it is great if you are using a T1 connection in a large city.  Here in the country, where it would be useful, latency issues make a conversation sound like a spotty news report from Iraq via 1990.  I can now shoot my voice into space and wait only a few seconds for it to return.  The claim they are working on the satellite technology.  Soon I will be able to place a call with almost no delay.

With billions spent on technology and communications every year, we still only have one advantage over the old landlines and rotary phones.  You can now text your friends "What'ya doin?".  They can text back, "nothin'". Ahhh Progress!

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2 thoughts on “History Repeats Itself – Technological Buffoonery

  1. This post being the first on a local newspaper is another example. After 4 years of blogging to the entire world, It took a month to get the blog feed to work with the newspaper 10 miles away. I could have just sent a letter!

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