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If you do the math, every farmer feeds 155 people.  That is a lot of people!  As the number of farmers continues to decrease, the output steadily rises.  To say that farmers are doing their part is almost redundant.  Everyone knows farmers are out there working hard, but many don't know the process or steps that it takes to get that food, fiber, and other goods out to the consumer.  Misinformation is often handed out by groups such as HSUS or PETA, and competition to gain in niche markets often brings hard feelings between the Ag producers.   Here is the interesting part... Farmers are trying every avenue to both learn from, and inform end users.  The real trouble is connecting these two groups, the producer and the consumer.

Technology is offering a new way to educate each other in the form of on-line communication and social media.  As usual, farmers are slowly embracing change and putting it to the test.  Groups like the Agchat Foundation and the USFRA have become on-line gathering spots for social media Ag discussion.  There are other groups promoting food from farms and chats on Twitter about our food.  We just need to bring them all together.  If you are interested in food or agriculture, please join the conversation by clicking one of the above links.

As a farmer, I am doing my part as well.  I am reviving my web radio show known as Salt Creek Radio with the purpose of helping to connect the Ag producers and consumers with real info about real food.  At one point, almost everyone was involved in agriculture.  Let's get back to our roots.  Let's reconnect with our food.

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4 thoughts on “Food For Thought

  1. Thanks for the links to the Agchat Foundation and the USFRA. We're early to bed people around here, but I'm going to try and catch the Milk And Cheese with The Dairy Goddess broadcast next Sunday night.

    • Tell your friends and foodies too. I will be taking calls and questions. Your input is appreciated.

  2. Paul,
    I am a podcast junkie and subscribe to over 25. I usually don't like BlogTalk radio because the audio quality is so bad. But am willing to give yours a try. Downloading it now.

    • Hey there FarmnWife. I have heard some glitches in some of the shows, but the ability to take caller questions is too enticing to pass up.

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