(the reduex)

When I'm out building fences

It's true I do aspire

To keep my cattle all penned up

With hedge posts and barbed wire

I drive some posts, I stretch the wire,

I try to do it right,

With pullers, luck, and a pickup truck,

I pull the fence up tight

When I turn 'round and look back down

This fence that I have built,

It's crooked, sags, and some wires drag

I slowly start to wilt.

Now sweating quite profusely,

I know this fence can work,

I look back at my silly cows,

They look at me and smirk.

Once more I pull up my sleeves,

My efforts I re-double,

Ha! Take that you silly cows

Now you'll cause no trouble

I'm really proud of my new fence

With posts deep, tall, and wide

I come back to check on the cows

They're on the other side!

That's it, I quit! This fencing stuff

is bad for my morale.

You cows can stay up by the barn

locked up in the corral!

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