Easy Venison Recipe

At deer camps across the country, venison recipes are tried and perfected.  What if you haven't been to a deer camp?  What are you supposed to do with those deer steaks and pieces of tenderloin?  Fear not! Here is a quick and easy way to cook up some delicious venison. If your meat was well cared for during processing, I will assure you that even finicky eaters will like this one.

Put some flour in a zip-loc bag.  Add salt and pepper to flour and mix.  Get some oil heated up in your favorite skillet.  Drop pieces of venison into your bag of flour a few at a time.  Shake bag around until steaks are well coated.  Remove steaks from bag and place in your hot oil.  Make sure your oil doesn't get too hot, but keep it sizzling.  Keep an eye on the steaks.  When one side is brown, turn them and brown the other side.  Once completely browned, remove steaks and allow to drain, or place on a paper towel.  At this point the venison would be great as country fried steak.  We can do better though.

Leave some oil in the skillet and make your favorite gravy.  I prefer a dark gravy made from a rue for this recipe, but a white gravy will work just as well.  Place the cooked steaks in your gravy and allow them to reheat.  These work well over wild rice, white rice, or next to some potatoes.  Enjoy!

I made this for dinner last night.  It was so good, my wife asked some questions.  "How much meat do you get from a deer?"  "About 80 pounds I guess", I replied.  "That's like 300 dollars worth of meat for free!" She exclaimed.  "Not quite" I said, "Look at how much money I spend on hunting".  "Even if you didn't get a deer you would still buy guns." She rationalized.  I like the way she thinks!

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3 thoughts on “Easy Venison Recipe

  1. Ohhhhhhh! That looks so good! We love venison around here. I make something similar and call it "Deer Bites". I just cut the venison into bite sized pieces and add some red pepper and spices to the flour and fry them up. Looking at your pictures, I can smell that yummy meal you're making! Did you have smashed potatoes with it?

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