Christmas Time’s A Comin’ 2

Christmas time's a comin' and once again it is causing a stir in retail world.  The fight over "Merry Christmas" and "Happy Holidays" is taking aim at box stores and small businesses alike.   Rev. Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist in Dallas TX, has even created a web site devoted to the season.   Grinch Alert is devoted to exposing those businesses who are not Christmas friendly.  It is actually an interesting site where you can input your own experiences.  I noticed many stores mentioned on the "Naughty" list also appeared on the "Nice" list.  It seems to depend on employees and the individual shopping experience.  You be the judge.

I stopped over at the Blind Pig And The Acorn web site today.  I see she is decorating for Christmas with her post about The Greening of Christmas.  A great post about decorating with greenery.  She always has something interesting going on over there!  In fact, Paul and Pap have a Christmas CD out.  Go on over and take a listen.

I am preparing for Christmas in my usual humorous way.  Honey Bunches came home to find computers, cords, microphones, mixers, sheet music, you get the idea, spread about the living room.  "What are you up to?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.  "Trying to get rich", I responded.  I told her about something I had heard on the radio.  "Willie Nelson got busted with pot again", I said.  "What's that got to do with us", Said she.  "They say he is going to jail this time", I explained.  The wife looks at me suspiciously and asks, "What does that have to do with us"?  "Well... Who's gonna sing his Christmas songs?", I asked.  My understanding wife gave me that loving look and said, "OK honey, I'm gonna take a bath".  I think she was speechless.

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