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Once a staple in the kitchen, cast iron is disappearing as a the cookware of choice.  New glass top ranges make it almost impossible to use the heavy pans. Microwave ovens have become the favorite for heating up a quick meal.  What is a romantic, like myself, to do about the fading use of such an excellent kitchen workhorse? The only thing I can do is spout cast iron's benefits and hope some of them stick with readers.

Don't think that I am so primitive that I don't use non-stick cookware.  It works great for when I don't want to mess up my good pans, but where is the challenge?  There is a pride that goes along with using the heavy cookware correctly.  If you were to look in cupboards today, you would find poorly seasoned cast iron, dull knives, and a collection of burnt plastic spatulas.  That's because cast iron gets hot!  (use a metal spatula, it's OK)

A well seasoned cast pan was the original non-stick cookware.  I also believe it is why old-timers stayed healthy longer.  When you cook food with cast, it gets cooked!  None of this placing plastic covered frozen food in a microwave and zapping it until the center is cool and the bottom plastic melts.

Make your mark!  Sear those steaks, fry that chicken, and enjoy your bacon crisp, yet tender.  You can bake a loaf of bread with a brown crust or serve up some tasty cornbread.  Just make sure you, and your spatula, can stand the heat.

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8 thoughts on “Cast Iron Cookware

  1. We love our cast iron pots and pans. Kelli mentioned using her cast iron pizza pan as a lid for a pot and that made me chuckle. I think our cast iron pizza pan is the most used piece we own! It makes an awesome pizza, but I also use it to bake bread, rolls, fish, chicken, and a number of other things. And I just think everything cooked in/on cast iron tastes a little better.

  2. That huge pan we got for Christmas has cooked biscuits, fried chicken, cooked salmon, seared steak, made chili and many many more things! It is the first thing we reach for!

  3. I think there's nothing better than the smell of a hearty stew cooked in my Griswold dutch oven, accompanied by a crusty bread being browned in any number of Griswold cast iron pans.

    A growing favorite among friends is when we cook outside and do rolls in the dutch ovens. Yum, yum. Isn't it great to have a pan you can use on the stove, in the oven, and over a fire?

    I guess I missed the part about not using cast iron on the glass top stoves, because I use mine on my glass top induction stove (which requires a pan that you can stick a magnet to, so it's either cast iron or stainless steel). I don't slide the pan around, however.

    • I like a gas cook top. My mom has a terrible time with scratches and stains on the glass ones. Big box stores must be having trouble with lawsuits, it's getting harder to find gas stoves.

      One thing I meant to mention was cast trivets (the thing you set hot pots on) I have seen several recipes where the trivet is used in the bottom of the pan to keep food away from hot spots (like a roast, or when canning)

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