Anticipating Spring Goodies

It has been a mild winter, and spring is springing!  This is a time of anticipation for me.  The peach and pear trees have lost their blooms.  The apple trees are covered with white and pink petals.  I will have to wait a while to harvest those tasty fruits, but there are a few morsels that are in season.

That cool morning air, the wet dew covered grass, fog hangs over ponds and in the valleys.  Birds chirp as the sun rises and off in the distance a Tom turkey can no longer hold back amorous feelings...  Gobblegobblegobble!  Crank up the sound in this video, you will hear him beyond the fog covered pond.

Pointy asparagus spears are poking their way through grass along the fence rows.  In the woods, dew drips from branches to the woody forest floor where a new morel mushroom has emerged. The musty smell of earth being turned over for planting hangs in the damp air like a promise.  Soon there will be fresh, earthy goodness to eat.   I will watch, listen, and smell until they are ready.   The anticipation is killing me!

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3 thoughts on “Anticipating Spring Goodies

  1. I took Jes on a Mother/Daughter mushroom hunting trip today. She found one about 4 inches tall! I think we were about a week late though they were all dry on the tops! Oh well; she and I tromped through the woods and had a great day!

  2. I really really enjoyed your "Anticipating Spring Goodies!" There's nothing like Spring.

  3. Killin' me too!!!!!!!!! We did get to eat a few 'shrooms the other day but not many! Nothing tastes better with morels than fresh untouched asparagus!!!!!!!!! I LOVE SPRING

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