An Early Taste of Hunting Season (hashtag new gun)


We see it every year.  Some overanxious manager has to propose a Christmas in July sales event.  Obviously, the idea is to make money.  I'm all for making some moola, but my early event is based more on emotion than bringing in some greenbacks.  This week my Colorado elk tag came in the mail!  This simple event has my brain thinking of cooler weather, shimmering aspens, flagging white tails, and geese honking overhead.  These are 444Marlinwishful thoughts as hay dust seeps into my cab tractor with no A/C in 90 degree temps and 90 percent humidity.  I say we think cooler weather, and go with it.

There are things that need attention throughout the year to assure a truly good hunting season.  Food plots, salt licks, stand maintenance, new gun, lane clearing, and bow practice are all things that must be addressed.  (did you notice how I nonchalantly placed "new gun" in the middle of that sentence?)  Deer archery season is not so far away.  If I started practicing now, I would have Popeye-like arms by the time the season started.  It is just too hot out for bow practice.  A lot of things on my list fall into the "too hot right now" category.   Wait a minute... I could address that new gun thing without sweating much!  (I am not as subtle as I once was.)

I have pistols, long range rifles, deer guns, black powder rifles and so on, but one thing is missing from my arsenal.  I don't have a good, get close, honest to goodness, big bore timber gun.  I have been perusing gun sites on the internet, scouring ballistics charts, and hiding from my wife.  All of these are signs that a new gun may magically appear soon.  I have narrowed my choice to the tried and true 444 Marlin lever action.  I can still buy these new, or find a good used one.  Ammo for the 444 is not cheap, but has not yet been added to the endangered list like .22 shells and 223 ammo.  Knockdown power is similar to the 450 Marlin, and the range is a touch better than the 45-70.

I can already see myself Elmer Fuddin through the deep, dark timber at 9,000 feet.  Before I get ahead of myself, I have to find the gun.  That said, consider this an update, and a chance for me to make readers jealous.  I will post more info as project "Big Bore" progresses.


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