Things are a little upside down these days. People in big cities tell us how we should raise livestock. Environmentalists who never step out of a concrete world lecture us on hunting. Politicians try and earn votes by supporting Ag when it makes money, and railing against it when it doesn't. That is why this blog was started.

My name is Paul.  I am supposedly in charge of the place.  As you read along, you will find that I am actually along for the ride.  My wife, "Honey Bunches", helps "Scout The Wonderdog" and myself as we attempt to inform folks about farming, food, the outdoors, and frisbee chasing (Scout asked me to put that last one in there).

Rural life... rural values. This is my blog, I hope you like it.

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  1. I live in northern Ohio and just had a white wild turkey in my backyard. It had the black banding and the sergeant stripe affect on the wings. A biologist friend of mine came to take a look and he confirmed that it is a mix of domestic and wild. He said there are some in the area. My brother saw the same thing in southern Ohio. He also saw the wild females going into a barnyard to mate with the big domestic male.

    • I knew it! It's not the domestic male's fault. It's those wild female turkeys! You just can't trust them.

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