A Sonnet? Doggonit!

I have written many poems over the years.  Most of them funny, childish, and dealing with my rural lifestyle.  The smallest things turn into silly rhymes as I wax poetic about my rustic surroundings.  "Honey Bunches" and I were discussing some poems the other night.  My limericks were a large part of the discussion.  Since limericks are meant to be humorous, they are a specialty.  My wife, the college professor, explained that they are made of couplets and triplets.  Triplett is a small town 6 miles from here, but I know nothing of couplets!

The conversation grew as she explained rhythms, rhyme structure, hyperbole, and such.  In a limerick, the first 2 lines rhyme, the second 2 lines rhyme, and the last line rhymes with the first 2.  The rhyme pattern looks like this a,a,b,b,a.  Then there a syllables per line and such.  Sounded pretty confusing to me, and I had been writing them since high school.

After thoroughly surprising her with my rhyming abilities she exclaimed, "You should write a sonnet!"  "Aren't they those things that Billy Shakespeare wrote about back in the old days?", I asked.  Before she had a chance to answer, I informed her they didn't make much sense.  My comment was met with objection, and a breakdown of how a sonnet should be written.  The format is enough to confuse any farm boy!  I will try to explain...

There are 3 sections to a sonnet.  A Quatrain, and Octave, and a Couplet.  All lines have 10 syllables.  The Quatrain is 4 lines styled as A, B, A, B, and is the intro to the poem.  The Octave is 8 lines C, D, C, D, E, F, E, F, and is an argument or explanation.  The Couplet is the 2 line finale, G, G.  Sometimes an amusing end.  If that's not enough, the emphasis should be on every other syllable!

The gauntlet has been thrown down, and I have (innocently) accepted the challenge.  Now, for a subject!  To make this completely from scratch, I am asking you for a subject.  Please leave a comment with one word as your subject description.  It must be something pertaining to rural life or on a farm.  Maybe in a garden, livestock, feeding, plants, animals, farm life, just something country or rustic, you get the idea!

As soon as I pick one of the subjects, I will commence sonneting.  (my wife says that's not a word, I could be in trouble!)  So let's get it going, post me a subject.


"Gate" was a suggestion by bcperkins.  Here is my first attempt! Gate Sonnet

Update 2

Manure was suggested by Penny.  Manure!  OK, I will give that one a shot.  Manure Sonnet


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  2. Well done : ) I liked it!

    (did you change your email address? I sent you something that come back)

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