A Chicken Coop For Honey Bunches

In the ezine, I alluded to a project that was underway.  You may have guessed by the title, we got some pullets!  (that's little girl chickens to you city folks)  Since we had nowhere to house the 7 future egg layers, I began work on a small chicken coop.  The plan I decided to follow was supposed to be simple.  I quickly unsimplified it and began construction.

Chickens grow rapidly.  Meat varieties are ready to eat in 5 weeks!  This left me limited time to put this little project together.  The saws sawed, the drills drilled, and the peeps peeped.  The 4 larger chicks (Barred Rocks) actually grew some feathers before I got it done.  The 3 smaller (Rhode Island Reds) seemed a little uninterested, until this evening!

With the basic part of the coop complete, the chicks were transferred from the our house to their permanent digs.  It was pretty amusing to watch.  From a black mineral tub with pine mulch to a large flat floor.  The chicks were quite impressed.  The larger ones flapped their stubby wings and actually lifted off.  The smaller ones ran for cover once they realized their elders were inexperienced in the art of flying!

I still need to put some white trim on the corners, but here are some pics of the little coop, and the overgrown omelets.  That reminds me...  We have been working on names for them.  Honey Bunches seems a little cool to my suggestion of "Sammich".  I don't see why, she came up with "Fritter"!

[cincopa AcBA-h6OnRrX]

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5 thoughts on “A Chicken Coop For Honey Bunches

  1. I've always wanted a chicken coop! This is a great design... maybe now I'll have the inspiration to go design one based off of these pictures. Thanks!

  2. I love it! You really did a great job on that coop. And I love the pictures of the chicks. They are adorable, and I bet they're totally diggin' their new home. Very, very nice.

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