25 Big Stories Of 2011

I have been watching the networks run down their biggest stories of 2011.  Some of the stories were unique.  Many were identical to other happenings across the country, they were just the ones in the spotlight..  I was amazed that all of these things happened this year.  Some were forgotten as quickly as they were broadcast.  Others hung around until the next big event was deemed newsworthy.  Here are my 25 Big Stories Of 2011.  Maybe we should bury this year in a time capsule and not dig it up for a while.

  1. Casey Anthony's daughter disappears.  Casey is tried for killing her daughter.  Casey gets off and disappears herself.  We don't care where she went.
  2. Japan is hit by tsunami.  Nuclear reactors go off-line and spread waste over a large portion of the country.  We watch for explosions.  It got boring, so...next story.
  3. Ryan Dunn, star of the "jackass" series was killed in a car accident in June.  His popularity actually beat "weather" in search engines the week after his death.  Then he was gone.
  4. Michael Jackson's doctor went on trial for contributing to the death of a drug addict.  He lost, fans cheered, we moved on.
  5. News was leaked of an IPhone 5.  More people searched for this non-existant phone than the IPhone 4.  Ahhh... progress.
  6. News Corp. gets nailed for hacking phones
  7. Anthony Wiener, angry that nobody hacked his phone, sent lewd, and ridiculous, pictures to the world.
  8. "Occupy" definition changed to mean "People camping with smart phones and video feeds".
  9. Arab Spring is touted as a great movement as even worse leaders took over.
  10. We left behind a top secret helicopter, but brought back Osama Bin Laden.  Oh, wait... he fell off the boat.
  11. U.S. credit rating is downgraded.  Can we grade on the curve?
  12. Gabrielle Giffords was shot while on video in Arizona.  Shooter may be crazy.
  13. The sexual abuse scandal at Penn State is quickly watered down by other sexual abuse scandals from anywhere and everywhere.
  14. Steve Jobs dies, leaving a huge hole in the technological world.
  15. Troops leave Iraq, Taliban resumes blowing people up.
  16. Prince William married Kate Middleton.  After a year long buildup the highlight is,  the Prince's sister-in-law has a cute bum.
  17. The U.S. loses a new spy drone in Iran.  Iran invokes "finders, keepers" rule.
  18. Moamar Gadhafi Died
  19. Kim Jong-Il died
  20. Amy Winehouse died
  21. Droughts and famine swept Somalia
  22. Pepper spray used on Christmas shoppers.
  23. Pepper spray used on students who block sidewalks.
  24. Arnold Schwarzenagger admits to having love child.  Maria Shriver says she won't be back
  25. Memorial completed, and Americans mourn the 10 year anniversary of 911 attacks.


Those are the memories I have of top news stories.  I am missing many.  There was so much news and hype this year!  Anything stick out in your mind as a big news story?


2 thoughts on “25 Big Stories Of 2011

    • I didn't list all the celebrity deaths, Here are a few,

      Harry Morgan - From MASH and Dragnet
      Joe Frazier - Heavyweight champion
      Andy Rooney
      Charles Napier
      Bubba Smith - Football star, Police Academy
      Peter Faulk
      Clarence Clemens
      Randy Savage
      Jeff Conaway
      Elizabeth Taylor
      Michael Gough - Butler of Batman Fame
      Jane Russell
      Jack Lalanne - Fitness Guru

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